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Pocket Probe

MOBILE APP PocketProbe for iPhone or Android, enables objective post-CDN analysis of real network performance in a streaming media environment. The new updated apps incorporate the latest version of the OTT Engine at the heart of Bridge Technologies’ award-winning VB series of media monitoring IP probes. These enable analysis and confidence validation of HTTP variable bit-rate streams from any location.

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PocketProbe can provide continual validation of OTT streams, with detailed analysis of HLS, Smoothstream, RTMP and MPEG-DASH, and at-a-glance displays that present data in instantly-understandable form through graphic displays and multiple overlays. The app can be used by service engineers and operational staff to test real world behaviours with a wide range of operators. Accurate status of bit-rates used and profile changes is displayed in real time, giving instant understanding of provider delivery capability. Together with hardware probes used pre-cloud, the post-cloud location of the PocketProbe enables excellent correlative understanding of CDN and provider abilities.



PORTABLE PROBE NOMAD and NOMAD-PRO, cover all the monitoring needs encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks. It is the ultimate all-in-one monitoring and analysis solution for the technician on the move. NOMAD features a plethora of award-winning and patented technologies, the culmination of 12 years of accumulated engineering knowledge and R&D in IP and broadcast monitoring.


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NOMAD is a breakthrough design with almost every conceivable interface for media signal monitoring and analysis. Featuring optical/electrical Gigabit Ethernet, ASI in/out, DVB-C QAM cable, DVB-T/T2 COFDM terrestrial, DVB-S/S2 satellite and external 1PPS GPS time-reference, NOMAD can analyse all RF transmitted DVB signals as well as OTT and multicast/unicast IP transmissions. With comprehensive IP packet analysis tools, NOMAD is ideal for IP transport understanding regardless of media transported. NOMAD also is shipped with the ultimate in user friendly setup. The unit contains a Wi-Fi zone, and by pointing a laptop towards this, NOMAD is ready for use without further configuration.

As technologies become more and more complex, using NOMAD will give invaluable insight into modern media signal behaviours without the need for deep operator knowledge of the media technology used. Cut from a single brick of aluminium, NOMAD sets a new standard for both finish and ruggedness. It is also of very light weight and is the perfect companion to a laptop.


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NOMAD ships with extensive functionality for superior digital media understanding right out of the box.  Additionally NOMAD has a substantial additional set of extended analysis options, enabling it to outperform the most comprehensive systems on the market in functionality. This also allows NOMAD to be an ideal laboratory tool for desktop analysis in the most demanding environments. NOMAD also sets a new benchmark of affordability in the industry.

With the rapid growth in the numbers of offshore VSAT systems, and the increasing bandwidth consumption of each installation, a simple, reliable and affordable way of monitoring RF performance is urgently required. NOMAD provides the solution. Capable of analysing RF parameters such as MER, CNR, Eb/N0 and channel power, NOMAD is powerful and highly portable, self-contained and built to withstand the rigours of the offshore environment.

Designed to replace old-school PCI cards, USB-based dongles and other laptop-dependent devices, NOMAD is a complete free-standing unit with its own CPU and can be left to monitor signals by itself without the need for a host system.


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