2110 Solutions was started with a singular mission in mind: bring industry-leading information, resources, products and talent together to help production communities and teams around the world.

Whether in studios, homes or remote locations, the promise of SMPTE ST 2110 and 2022-6 is real - offering incredible flexibility, massive cost savings in collaborative environments and greater resource utilization.

There are many benefits to the use of ST 2110 not the least of which is increased production efficiencies, less expensive content production, greater content production for your money, greater resource utilization and team collaboration.  2110 Solutions has been formed to explore and maximize the standard into productive applications that will take advantage of both the technical and creative elements it offers.

If nothing else the year 2020 has taught us that we all need to be resourceful and adapt.  It also taught us that distributed environments and associated workflows are not only possible but necessary. As adoption continues to accelerate, 2110 Solutions is here to explore, define, and support the various workflows for every individual production need through information sharing, consultations, education, and technical support.

Every new technology comes with challenges, so we know the switch to ST 2110 production isn’t for everyone immediately. For example, if you don’t have great network capabilities or are a smaller content producer, the switch to using ST 2110 may not be cost effective for you at this time.

But if you are looking for better utilization of in-house resources, lower overall production costs and have the need to create more content across more venues, studios and other locations with efficiently distributed workflows, you are the prime candidate for a shift and should absolutely speak with our team.

Whether it is for live events, sports, theatrical presentations, houses of worship or higher education, 2110 Solutions is here to help you navigate the proper motivation and deployment for moving towards new and more efficient workflows utilizing IP and ST 2110 standard-based production.

We would love to speak with you about your vision and your requirements.  We are here to help you with information, education, consultation, and technical solutions to the challenges you face.  Our team at 2110 Solutions has the technical and creative expertise to advise and guide you during this time of transition.


Here are some questions to ask yourself and your organization:

  1. Are you interested in maximizing your current resources and do more with less?
  2. Are you interested in collaboration across multiple venues, studios and remote locations?
  3. Are you interested in new and more efficient workflows that will lead to greater and better content?
  4. Are you looking to reduce remote production costs with less equipment and staff on site?
  5. Are you interested in better utilization for your control rooms, facility, talent, graphics and archives?
  6. Are you interested in maximizing and accessing your resources no matter where they are located?
  7. Finally, are you interested in scaling your investment over time without having to rip and replace?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, reach out to us and schedule a complimentary appointment and consultation.


Joe LoGrasso

Managing Director, 2110 Solutions

+1 (973) 703-5538


“True in life and television technology: ‘The Only Constant Is Change’. And it’s this evolution bringing us into the next frontier, one based on the new production standard called SMPTE ST 2110.”

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